What are Some Interesting Secret Codes of iPhone 7 Plus?

Are you eager to come across some exciting iPhone 7 plus secret codes that will do wonders? If yes, then this blog is for you. Making proper use of the secret codes, it will become easy to uncover some hidden menus and direct commands. Instead of relying on someone, you will be able to come across additional pieces of information regarding your device’s settings. 

What do iPhone 7 Plus Secret Codes Comprise of?

It is a fact that all codes are not suitable for every model. But, there is nothing to worry about as you will be able to give a trial to every code combination. Whenever you come across the word “secret code”,; you must be wondering if it is a numerical combination

Secret codes combine numbers and special symbols, including hash and asterisk. All you need is to dial the same from your keypad and press the call button. Finally, the result will become visible on the screen. Are you enthusiastic to know about the secret codes applied to iPhone 7 plus? Here they are….

Exclusive iPhone 7 Plus Secret Codes to Try

Are you done with opening the dialler application of your iPhone 7 plus set? If yes, then it is high time to give a trial to some of the most interesting secret codes that have been mentioned as under:

A. *3001#12345#*

By dialling this code from your keypad and pressing the call button, it will become easy to get updated information regarding your cell phone network. It will become easy to read the data about the surrounding towers of the cell. Tapping the numerical valued carrier signal will allow easy switching between numerical and graphic displays.

B. *#21#

This code helps set up interrogation regarding Call Forwards. Discovering the settings regarding call forwarding will now seem to be much easy. It will become easy to gauge whether the call forwarding option is enabled or disabled for voice, fax, data, packet access, and pad access.

C. *#43#

This particular secret code in iPhone 7 plus will let you know about the actual status of Call Waiting on your phone set. Though it is possible to activate and de-activate the same by using the Settings option, dialling this secret code will be more flexible. It will provide you with an update regarding data packets and text messages.

D. 511

There are plenty of navigation apps that are readily available for iOS devices. But, they hardly seem to be of any use when there is no internet connection. Still, with the help of this particular code, you will be able to check the traffic information in the absence of an internet connection. The code will show the information about the local traffic. 

E. *#06#

Are you not aware of the unique identifier number of your iPhone 7? Then dialling this secret code will help you come across the IMEI of your mobile phone hardware. All you need is to dial the number from the keypad without tapping the call button. 

F. *82 followed by dialling the number you desire to call

This is another exclusive trick that will help display your number on the recipient’s caller ID. 

These are some secret codes that can be utilized by the users of the iPhone 7 Plus for unlocking some exclusive functionalities. The more you can experiment, the more functionalities you will be able to come across. Are you ready to unlock some hidden features of your newly purchased iPhone? 

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