The Best Free Websites to Make Fake Facebook Post Online

In this blog, we have mentioned a list of the most popular websites that will help you make fake Facebook posts online. You will be able to simulate Facebook photo posts or status updates perfectly with the help of these websites. It would also be possible to include fake comments on Facebook posts. And the good thing is that you will be capable of customizing every element of the post, including the name of the uploader, profile picture, the time and date of the post, and so forth. So, let us go through this article from top to bottom without wasting much time.

1. Status Clone to make a fake Facebook post

This is a free website for getting the job done. It would also be possible to use this website for simulating Facebook posts perfectly. The only drawback with this website is that it cannot be used to create fake Facebook photo posts. On the site’s main interface, you will encounter a “Fake Facebook Status Preview” window displaying the real-time modifications made to the fake posts using the Status and Comment options. Following specifying fake status details, make sure to add some comments. For this, you need to click the Add Comment button. Following this, select the commenter’s name, time and date, the number of likes, profile picture, and so on. You may likewise share the fake posts to Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and so on. 

2. Prank Me Not to make a fake Facebook post

The good thing about this website is that it can be used to make fake Facebook photo posts. Creating unreal posts is almost identical to that of the other sites mentioned in this blog. Moreover, the fake Facebook post image can be downloaded and shared on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus, and so forth. For creating funny and fake, Facebook posts, make sure to visit the appropriate link and specify the artificial settings such as the uploader’s name, the number of likes, profile picture, time and date, and so forth. It is likewise feasible to include comments by specifying the name of the commenter, the profile picture, etc. Lastly, do not forget to download the post in an image and share it with other social media platforms. 

3. Simulator

This is one more accessible website for creating fake Facebook posts without any problem. You will be able to specify the number of likes, a status message, time and date of the post, and so on for simulating a fake post. Furthermore, this kind of Facebook post can be more exciting and funny by including some counterfeit comments. Doing so allows you to specify the profile picture and the name of the commenter, the most critical time and date of the analysis, and the number of likes. It will be possible to save this post in the form of a JPEG image.

4. The Wall Machine

This is another free website for making fake Facebook posts. You will create dummy posts simply by editing the fake Facebook status image using its editing interface. However, compared to most of the other similar websites, you need to log in to this website using your Facebook account to get the job done. Apart from creating fake posts, The Wall Machine will likewise enable you to create a comprehensive faux Facebook wall as well. You will be able to include fake Facebook events, fake Facebook relationship status, fake photo posts, and so forth on this fake Facebook wall. Another thing is that it is pretty simple to edit these as well.

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