What SEO experts need to know about domain authority | Why it matters

For all SEO expert, who wants to work on single rank determining matric to get a higher rank on a search engine, the domain authority must be the one in their minds. To find out more about it click here.

This matric determines where would your website be wind on search engine result pages and it has become not less than SEO jargon.

But still, several SEO experts fail to grasp the real meaning of domain authority and why does it matter a lot for SEO. In this article, we have discussed some details about domain authority, hope you find it useful.

What SEO experts need to know about domain authority | Why it matters 1

What is domain authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a measuring matric developed by Moz showing the website’s credibility in form of scores from 0 to 100. The higher your website DA score is, the more likely your website would have a strong traffic network and top spots on Google’s pages.

You can keep a complete track of the DA score of any of the websites you want by using a DA checker by simply clicking on some tabs.

It’s no surprise that Google takes hundreds of other factors into consideration while indexing and rating websites. So, the question raises here that does the domain authority of a website actually make much of a difference?

In local SEO, domain authority is a matter of a great deal; in short, it’s one of the most significant localized ranking metrics that further depends on multiple signals such as

  • Social shares
  • Brands mentions
  • Age of the domain
  • Long clicks
  • Strong backlinks
  • Backlink age
  • Spam signals
  • Citations

As SEO has evolved so much, defining the domain authority from a technical point of view is becoming more challenging.

As we necessarily mentioned, domain authority score is a better way to know the usefulness and relevancy of your website on search engines.

Google will finally notify you when your domain gives end-users benefit. A better DA score directly increases the rate of improvement, longer visits, organic advertising, etc.

Domain authority and links go hand in hand

The bonding between Domain Authority and links is never getting old. They are so much dependent on each other, that the high-quality links from a credible website can directly improve your website rank high on the scale.

These high-quality links must be placed according to the relevancy of your products and services so that they would play a significant role in enhancing DA scores.

Webmasters and SEO experts when fail in balancing these healthy inbound links to their corresponding product, often struggle for a better DA score.

One of the most important things to be considered while buying a number of links is that never compromise on the quality of links for your website. The high number of links from low-quality websites would bring you nothing but penalties from google.

No doubt, DA score matters a lot for a website but you cannot take this as the end of the story when the subject matter is getting higher ranks on search engines. Although domain authority is a strong comparative parameter that has a very little but efficient effect on SEO.

Other principal metrics work along with DA and demands special attention such as Page Authority, CTR, proper keyword optimization, other keyword metrics e.g., volume and difficulty, and some technical SEO best practices.

As an SEO expert, here are some practices you need to follow for a better DA score.


Checking on backlinks that are pointing towards your website is the most important step to start with. These backlinks can be from any other small business website or a website that is not even relevant to your page, for instance, backlinks from any gaming or show business website.

To keep this check and balance, you can use online tools that analyze every backlink on your website and kick the bad ones out.

Eliminating all those bad backlinks that are not showing content relevant to your website can cause serious harm to your domain authority score, so beware of that backlinks and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Internal linking

It is also an excellent way to increase your DA by linking one page to another on your website. It is considered another effective way to improve the website’s PageRank by building internal connections to other reputable websites.

If you ensure that the pages you link internally to your website refer to a subject or issue that you are talking about in your content, it will become much easier for your users to navigate your website. This increases the authority of your website on search engine result pages.

Checking domain authority score

Get a fresh start with acknowledging the fact that where you stand as an SEO expert on the scale of domain authority. As you may have seen on the Internet, there are plenty of domain authority checkers to support you in this.

A DA checker demonstrates the score of any website you want to know in a split second.

These DA checker tools are of great importance because you can keep an eye on competitors’ websites and improve your website accordingly.

Domain authority as a key performance indicator

Nevertheless, the domain authority is a very reliable metric that can give you a detailed insight of where you stand to your rivals. for a variety of reasons, it’s not always a good Key performance indicator to concentrate on because;

  • The domain authority databases are built on an exponential function, which means that raising your DA from 1 to 2 is better than raising it from 49 to 50. If the metric doesn’t move, a fixed score of Domain authority will cause dissatisfaction, even though anything you do can have a good effect on scores, traffic, and revenues.
  • Moreover, chasing a high DA score can lead to making some bad decisions when it comes to but some backlinks. Not all connections are the same and not every connection of high authority is nice for your website. In order to use links without harming your website, you must go for authentic and credible websites.

In a nutshell, too much attention on DA will divert you from the concentration on your customers’ demands and requirements. So, you must also take other metrics into account if you want to see your website somewhere on top position on search engines.