What Is Aluminum Extra-Wide Truck Chest and How Does It Work?


An Aluminum extra-wide truck chest is a toolbox made out of Aluminum in layman terms. A toolbox is material handling equipment whose purpose is to carry, organize and protect the tools. Tool chests are predominantly manufactured using metal. 

However, some expensive toolboxes are also made from wood. Keeping the tools safe has become a top priority for people who use trucks for generating living. Moreover, the truck chest not only creates a designated place to store tools on a car they also ensure that the toolbox increases the style quotient of the truck. Furthermore, the increase in the application of toolboxes on trucks has forced manufacturers to provide a wide range of toolboxes of different storage capacities according to the bed size. 

For instance, a new Aluminum extra-wide truck chest placed between the tailgate and the rear wheel wells utilizes the neglected space. Alternatively, a trending toolbox design is of the toolbox, which is placed behind the truck’s cabin. However, the all-time favorite toolbox is the 71-inch cross bed toolbox which has a proper fit and looks attractive.

Materials used for Making truck Toolboxes

Aluminum extra-wide truck chests are offered in different materials. The materials that are highly used in constructing a truck toolbox are Aluminum and Steel. However, some of the toolboxes are also manufactured using plastic. The choice of the material for a buyer depends entirely on his budget.

If you want to buy a durable toolbox that can persist for a long time, you must purchase a steel toolbox because of its heavy-duty nature. But if your workload is light, then a toolbox made of Aluminum is a good option.

However, if your budget is stringent, Aluminum extra-wide truck chest won’t be feasible. For a constrained budget, you must buy a toolbox made from plastic. A toolbox made from plastic is light but lacks durability.

Things you should keep in your toolbox

Aluminum extra-wide truck chest is not just a toolbox. It is storage equipment that should be used to store articles apart from mechanical and electronic tools. On a long journey to transport heavy cargo, a truck driver needs different things to ease his journey. Therefore, a truck driver should keep the following items in their truck toolbox.

Some basic supplies

· Paper towels

· Duct tapes

· Plastic cable ties

· Quick adhesives

Primary tools

· Wrench

· Screwdriver

· Pliers

· Hammers

Emergency equipment

· Flashlight

· Jump wires

· First aid kit

· Flare

Benefits of using a Toolbox on your truck

A sign of a good contractor is his proactive nature towards the care of a driver going for a long journey. A good contractor will always take care of the potential mishaps with the driver going on a long trip. A contractor should install an Aluminum extra-wide truck chest on the truck for that purpose. 

Toolboxes not only increase the storage capacity of the truck but also create a mini-warehouse on the truck. Thus, it allows the driver to take minor faults in the car all by himself. Apart from creating a mini-warehouse on the vehicle, the toolbox also offers the following benefits.

1. Enhances productivity

A truck toolbox allows you to put essential tools and equipment you might require for a job. Thus it saves time because you don’t need to arrange devices and equipment after reaching the position. 

2. Organization

Placing a toolbox on the truck enhances the organization of tools. Suppose you don’t have a toolbox, then you will keep essential tools required for an emergency at different locations. Thus when a fault happens, you will be required to draw various tools from other places on the truck. Therefore you will waste a lot of time finding tools. However, if you have a toolbox, you will keep all the essential tools in one place, reducing your hustle.

3. Toolbox keeps the tools secure

If you have a designated place for hand tools, power tools, and equipment, you keep the devices safe during transportation. Thus the chances of breakages are reduced during transport.

4. Keeps humans safe from injuries

Keeping tools in a safe place can reduce the chances of human injuries. If the devices are placed idle in different locations, then there are chances that these tools might fall and injure drivers. However, keeping the tools in the toolbox will reduce the chances of human injuries as the devices are securely placed.


In this article, we have mentioned the necessary details concerned with a toolbox kept in a truck. Moreover, we have also mentioned the benefits of carrying a toolbox on the car and the important equipment you should keep in your truck toolbox.

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