What Does Aircon Servicing Do?

Aircon servicing involves performing a thorough examination of the unit. An aircon technician inspects and cleans critical components such as fan evaporator coil, drain pan, and pipe for any possible defects or faults that need attention. Best way to find the Aircon servicing Singapore.

Cleaners also use chemical solutions to deodorize and clean indoor drainage trays to improve air quality and deodorize them.

Clean the AC Filter

Aircon filters gather a lot of dirt and dust during regular operation, which clogs key components and lowers efficiency.

Professionals will remove and clean the air filter during an aircon servicing session. They’ll also check for slime that has built up inside the drainage tray that may attract pests such as cockroaches or ants; and check for leaks in its drainage system that could compromise its safety.

If your aircon is leaking water, you must consult a professional immediately to minimize further damage and avoid costly repair bills in the future. Once cleaned, aircon filters can be reinserted into their housing notches; remember to replace their outer plastic cover securely latched before reinserting reusable filters or purchasing one in their correct size.

Vacuum the Evaporator Coil

Aircon’s evaporator coil absorbs heat from air passing over it to cool your room, but this process may accumulate dirt and dust over time, reducing efficiency. Aircon servicing companies provide coil cleaning services to remove any buildup.

Service technicians can utilize a coil cleaner to wash away dirt and grime, helping the air conditioner operate more effectively. In addition, they may spray its surface with chemical solutions designed to eliminate mold or bacteria growth on its surface.

Aircon services will also clean your aircon’s front covers, indoor fan blower, and drainage tray to remove foul odors that might affect air quality blown into your room by dirty parts of your aircon unit. Contaminated features require your aircon to work harder, cooling the room when contaminated parts become necessary and increasing electricity costs significantly; that is why regular aircon maintenance should occur at least every six months to keep it operating at peak condition.

Inspect the Blower Wheel

Dust buildup on the blower wheel of an aircon can significantly compromise its performance, so during an aircon service, your technician will inspect this part and clean it using either air or water, depending on its condition.

Using a coil cleaner on stubborn dirt will ensure it comes off easily from the blower wheel, and checks that the belt that drives the blower motor is not loose or cracked.

If the motor receives proper voltage but still can’t spin freely, it could be seized – a severe problem that can render an aircon unit useless. Professionals can check for this issue and adjust its refrigerant level to prevent further damage and avoid other efficiency loss. Therefore, annual servicing of your aircon is vital; otherwise, it will lose 5% efficiency yearly without service and wear out faster while using more electricity without professional oversight. Visual signs such as clicking noises or an outdoor fan that won’t turn off can indicate when inspection and service should occur – click noises or fan that won’t turn off are indicators that your unit requires inspection and servicing by professionals.

Inspect the Thermostat

Consider yourself an occasional user if you do not rely heavily on the air conditioning but still turn it on for short periods each day. These users usually only require having their units serviced once annually.

To test your thermostat, ensure all its wiring and terminals are intact. A faulty thermostat could lead to inconsistency between switching on and off as intended and no switch-on at all; to check, switch off the breaker before opening its cover; check that both green and red wires are attached securely and that mercury vial levelness has not changed over time.

Faulty thermostats can also cause the air conditioner to malfunction or stop working, so it is wise to have it serviced regularly. Professional servicing services should be booked immediately if you notice clicking or strange rumbling noises coming from your aircon unit or experience any other symptoms related to its usage.

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