What are the principles in setting up men’s jeans?

For many men, wearing black or blue shorts is a must. In other words, they would like to know what clothes are better set with jeans or what is the best option to select with jeans or a shirt? We look at this further in StyleGrad magazine.


What are the principles in setting up men’s jeans?

Men’s jeans are produced in different colours and materials, but the main choice of men in everyday styles is black and blue jeans.

What shirt is more attractive with blue jeans?

Blue jeans usually have a wide range of colours. In general, if we want to have an attractive and harmonious style simultaneously, we need to adjust the colour contrast of the shirt with the pants more carefully.

Checkered shirt

The most popular and popular clothing design among men’s shirts is the checkered design.

Of course, men’s checkered shirts are generally divided into large checkered and small checkered, among which are shirts with a large variety; They have a sportier look than small checkered shirts. So it can be concluded that the shirt of four big houses is suitable to set with blue jeans.

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Men’s navy blue long-sleeved shirt

One of the suitable options to set the shirt with light blue jeans is a navy blue shirt. It is better to have a long-sleeved navy blue shirt model. Of course, the presence of a pocket in the sweater creates a more sporty style; As a result, it will have more harmony with jeans.

Denim shirt

Denim or Lee shirts have a dark and light colour spectrum. There are various models on the market; Denim shirts can be divided into three categories. These shirts are available in zipped or salted models, simple raw denim shirt designs or two pockets.

Choosing the right denim shirt for blue jeans or leggings is better for darker colours. Because a crimson denim shirt with light blue jeans makes a very beautiful combination, for more attractiveness, you can open the buttons of your denim shirt and wear a t-shirt in the colour of your sneakers under the shirt.

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The colour of the jeans matches the colour of the shoes

To choose the right shoes, you should first pay attention to the colour of the pants and then to the model of the jeans. If your jeans have salt stones and wound designs, it is better to wear linen. Because a white sneaker will make a very attractive combination with salted blue jeans.

Of course, wearing sneakers with different models and shapes with blue jeans is a decision of taste, and everyone can make the most attractive combination in their opinion. But one warning and important point !!!!!!!!

In the case of jeans that have a saline design and stone, wearing shiny or classic leather shoes is not acceptable at all. If you like to wear leather shoes or ankle boots like Chouka, it is better to choose dark jeans or simple crimson that the size of the tail of the foot fits the model of the shoe.

Skinny jeans are also paired with sneakers or loafers.

Patterned jeans with extra pockets or six-pocket jeans are also for pairing with sneakers. Also, if you like to wear a shirt with your jeans, it is better to wear the four-sport sports shirt model.

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Matching black jeans with shoes, T-shirts and shirts

One of the most popular models of jeans is black jeans. Black jeans have a classic and simple look suitable for any age and taste. Setting black jeans with other clothes is not a difficult task, and everyone with different flavours when buying clothes can easily create their style.

Jeans have always been fashionable everywhere and are one of the most popular and popular trends among men. Black jeans are suitable for casual and even minimal style, and you can use them for small formal and intimate parties or even romantic dates.

Of course, your black jeans alone are not enough, and you have to set them to fit any particular place and situation. For example, if you want to go about your daily business and have a casual or street style, it is better to wear a polo shirt or polo shirt with your black jeans. It would help if you also changed your cover style according to each situation.

By doing these things and principles, you can wear black jeans in many places and situations throughout the year without harming your type and style; Use them and have a unique and attractive manner.

Formal jeans

 Formal or semi-formal style with jeans

Of course, it is better to wear completely formal clothes for formal occasions. But for some reason, if you want to appear at a formal friendly party or birthday party with jeans, it is better to take your style a bit to be legal so that you do not have inconsistencies between people. There are very simple tricks to have a formal look with jeans. Using a neutral monochrome shirt with jeans will help you create a semi-formal look for yourself.

For a more formal look with jeans, a white oxford shirt with brown leather shoes or black shoes is appropriate. If the temperature is a little cold, you can wear a grey sweater on your sweater; Gray is one of the neutral colours that will help to complement the colour and colour contrast of your style. The appropriate shoes with the formal style we want to create with black jeans are black ankle boots or Chuka boots and grey or brown.

What shoes are suitable for

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