Types of advertising methods in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an appropriate messenger for advertising because it has many users all around the world. But you should know that advertising on WhatsApp is not easy and if you do not use some automation tools you cannot do it at high speed. So, if you want to use WhatsApp messenger to advertise your products and services you should use tools that can automate advertising activities.
stay with us to learn more about the methods of advertising on WhatsApp and its automation tools.

Methods of Advertising on WhatsApp

You know there are two methods for advertising on WhatsApp:

  1. Sending an advertisement to WhatsApp groups
  2. Sending advertising messages to people’s private chats on WhatsApp

In the following, we will explain each of these two methods to you.

Sending Promotional Messages to WhatsApp Groups

There are many groups on WhatsApp. If you find some groups related to your business, you can send promotional messages to these groups. This is an appropriate opportunity to advertise and display your products and services among your target audiences. But generally, it is not a good advertising method. In the following, we will explain to you why it is not a good promotional method.

Why advertising in WhatsApp groups is not a good method?

Since the number of WhatsApp group members is limited, your message will be seen by a few numbers of people. In this case, you cannot effectively advertise because high-yield advertising requires many audiences. People usually do not notice all messages that are in the group and because of this reason, your promotional message may not be seen by them.

Sending Messages to People’s Private Chats on WhatsApp

Sending messages to people’s private chats is one of the best methods to advertise on WhatsApp. And because you communicate directly with your audience, your message will be seen 100%. When you send a message to people and if you are a stranger to them, they will see and read your message even out of curiosity. But if you want high-yield advertising in people’s private chats, you should consider factors. In the following, we will explain these factors.

  • The first factor is to write an appropriate advertising text. Because the text of your content is the first thing that audiences see from you. So, the importance of writing a good advertising message is obvious.
  • It is better to prevent using specialized words. You should communicate well with your audiences to attract them to your content.
  • Do not send your promotional message without a greeting. It is better to introduce your business after greeting.
  • Do not forget to address your audiences with specific and suitable titles like (Mr., Mrs., and friend…).
  • You should choose your audiences correctly. It means to send your promotional message to audiences who are interested in or related to the field of your business and need your products and services. In this case, if you do not send your advertisement to your target contact, you may be blocked and reported by them. Because they may feel you have harassed them. Stay with us to understand how you can provide target audiences.

After considering all these factors for sending bulk messages on WhatsApp, you need a list of audiences that are related to your business to send messages to each of them privately. As you may have guessed this is an intolerable and time-consuming affair. In this case, you need a tool to automate all these advertising activities.

Tools for Automating Bulk Messaging

Some tools enable you to automate the entire process of sending bulk advertising messages. These tools are Windows-based bots that can extract specifications (number, ID, etc.) of members from WhatsApp groups. All you have to do is provide the bot with the text of your message and a list of numbers or contact details (which you have extracted from groups that were related to your business) and the rest of the operation will be done automatically. You can also use this software to send bulk messages to groups.

Introduction Types of Bots for Sending Bulk Advertising Messages

  1. Trueline Solution
  2. WAbotso
  3. Virtual User

Trueline Solution

The Trueline Solution Bot has various features like sending unlimited messages, multi-multimedia message sending, numbers filters, groups contacts grabber, anti-block module, sleep control, speed control, delay control, etc.


  • Ability to extract Google map
  • Ability to the Justdial website
  • Ability to send unlimited messages
  • Ability to support multimedia
  • Ability to send image with caption
  • Ability to support multi-channel
  • Ability to send customized messages

Negative points

  • You can extend the bot monthly.
  • Some features have been nonactivated in different plans and it has not a complete plan with all features.
  • High prices compared to other competitors.

WAbotso Bot

The WAbotso by Digital Suvidha is an automated software designed to send WhatsApp Messages in bulk directly from a PC/Laptop simply and effectively.


  • Ability to support customer
  • Ability to send unlimited messages
  • Ability to extract WhatsApp groups
  • Ability to send personalized messages
  • Ability to send photos, videos, PDFs, and AMP files
  • Free updates

Negative points

  • It cannot forward messages (forwarding messages is a human affair and can cause WhatsApp not to be sensitive to us).
  • The bot is annually and each year you should buy the bot completely.
  • It just can install on one system and for other systems, you should buy it completely.

Virtual User Bot

One of the best examples of bulk messaging software is the Virtual User, which is also known internationally. The features of this Bot have made it unique.


  • Ability to extract groups members
  • Ability to send bulk messages to audiences and groups members
  • Ability to forward messages
  • Ability to send any content (text, image, link, etc.)
  • Ability to change lines and thus reduce the risk of your accounts being blocked
  • Ability to send messages to groups
  • High processing speed
  • No need to pay to send any message
  • Tutorials and PDFs on how to have an effective marketing campaign
  • 24-hours support

Negative points

  • The Bot just can run on the computer or virtual server.
  • It needs a license to be able to use.


In this article, we mentioned WhatsApp advertising methods. Then we concluded that we should use automation tools to send bulk advertising messages on WhatsApp. In the following, we introduced some of the most well-known Bots in this field and compared them with each other. So now you can choose the best one for adverting on WhatsApp.

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