Top Five Restaurants for a Fine Dining Breakfast

Experience an exquisite breakfast in a unique atmosphere with an OK dining breakfast! Choose from delicious food like fresh fruits, French toast, and omelets. What do you need to consider about fine dining Napa Valley.

This upscale Jewish deli is best known for its signature smoked fish and shmear-topped everything bagels, but they also serve a fantastic breakfast menu with set menus available to ease decision-making.


Balthazar in SoHo offers classic French cuisine and exceptional service. All dishes are created using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes; their staff provides impeccable service. Balthazar is highly popular with both locals and tourists and has often been recommended by food critics; its menu boasts classics such as escargot as well as more contemporary offerings like coq au vin and steak frites.

At this restaurant, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily and brunch on weekends. Their cuisine primarily leans French while still having Asian influences – popular dishes include escargot, foie gras, and chicken liver mousse! Plus, they provide an assortment of wines and cocktails!

Keith McNally’s Balthazar has become one of the most iconic restaurants in New York City since opening in 1997. This bustling, romantic French brasserie-style restaurant introduced many people to traditional French cuisine; its success has inspired other restaurants to follow suit and has even been noted in travel guidebooks across the globe. This week marks 25 years since Balthazar opened for business!

“Balthazar” is a name derived from that of one of three Magi, or Wise Men, who visited baby Jesus as an infant and brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Since then, this term has been widely used among artists, writers, and philosophers; for example, four Shakespeare plays, Lawrence Durrell’s novel, and numerous others all feature it prominently as namesakes.

As it would be impossible to rank every dish served at this legendary restaurant, the best way to experience its culinary splendor is with a group and order several courses at once – this way, you’ll get to sample more of its menu and appreciate all its flavors. Make reservations ahead of time in order to guarantee yourself a seat.

Balthazar remains one of the top restaurants in Soho despite its higher prices and bustling atmosphere, thanks to its delicious cuisine and impeccable service that have won so much praise from both locals and tourists. However, be mindful that service here may be slow without prior booking, so make sure you book at least a day ahead for optimal experience.


Flipper’s is the signature breakfast restaurant at Lovers Key Resort and has become an Instagram favorite thanks to their exquisite pancakes. This open kitchen space provides upscale diner vibes while the food itself is absolutely superb and worth waiting for.

Executive chef Juan Cruz brings his flair to traditional seafood classics like linguine alle vongole with large U12 shrimp and ahi crusted in sesame seeds served over nori-infused jasmine rice with colorful wakame and sweet Asian chili sauce.

Flipper’s is an all-suite resort with 100 all-suite rooms for guests to take advantage of after dining at Flipper’s. Following COVID-19, they completely revamped their tiny kitchen and installed state-of-the-art equipment, serving lunch and dinner service alongside breakfast service.

Les Croques

Les Croques of Paris provides one of the finest croque monsieurs available, made with Prince de Paris ham and gooey Comte cheese on Poilane artisan bread, served with their homemade bechamel sauce – make this part of your fine dining breakfast options list today!

Since opening on Rue Cler, this cozy restaurant has been providing Parisians and tourists alike with delicious French classics such as croque monsieur and croque madame sandwiches featuring decadence such as fried eggs that elevate its indulgence to new levels of decadence.

At Les Croques, you’ll find numerous variations of this classic toasted sandwich. In addition to ham and Gruyere, try them with mozzarella and tomato, smoked salmon, or even roasted vegetables for something lighter and healthier. Plus, don’t forget the croque salad option, which offers both variety and deliciousness!

Faste is another celebrated Parisian restaurant known for its croque, serving their version with shaved ham and melted Gruyere on crisp Poilane bread, alongside soup and salad for an all-encompassing meal.

Faste offers a selection of delectable dishes, such as succulent beef bourguignon and duck confit. Their restaurant is open Monday to Friday.

Buvette in Saint-Germain-de-Pres offers an exciting contemporary take on the classic croque monsieur dish, and its croque monsieur stands out with its unique touches, such as serving it alongside grilled smoked mushroom, making for a delightful combination of ham and gruyere cheese.

Vins de Pyrenees offers another restaurant specializing in croques – Vins de Pyrenees is known for its creative take on French favorites, including its famous croque monsieur sandwich – making this restaurant an absolute must for visitors to Paris!

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien, founded in 1990 by Belgian chef Alain Coumont, offers customers a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy delicious yet wholesome meals. Their goal is to foster meaningful connections with their customers while using sustainable practices such as recycled wood and energy-saving low-flow spray valves.

These restaurants feature communal tables made of reclaimed wood for guests to gather around and relax with friends while enjoying meals together. Their menu offers soups, salads, entrees, and baked goods; vegetarian and vegan options can also be found here. Their bakery cafes provide guests with a glimpse of Belgian countryside life through communal tables featuring artisanal dishes in an idyllic environment.

Le Pain Quotidien serves a wide selection of lunch and dinner dishes made from seasonal local ingredients, such as Turkish eggs, power-packed Manhattan breakfasts, and baked codfish. Customers can also take home pantry items like jams, chocolate spreads, olive oil, and sun-dried tomatoes from this eatery.

The company’s flagship store can be found on Madison Avenue in New York City and boasts more than 40 locations within the city. Their menu consists of sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and desserts – as well as organic coffee made with reclaimed wood furniture sourced from California farms. In order to qualify as a Certified Green Restaurant, they must meet specific requirements such as low-flow faucets and using recycled paper products along with recycling their food waste – plus, they must use organic coffee grown on Certified Farms from South America!

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