The Best Way to Hack or Cheat PUBG Mobile on iOS

This comprehensive tutorial has explained how to hack PUBG Mobile iOS without Jailbreak. We will try to help you understand this article from start to finish.

How to hack PUBG Mobile iOS?

PUBG also referred to as Player’s Unknown Battleground is one of the most popular games globally, which many gamers play. Unfortunately, it has been reported by many players across the globe that the recoil mechanism of the weapons in this particular game is not functioning correctly from the very beginning. Whenever we try to shoot, there is every possibility for the bullet to miss the opponent because of the weapon’s recoil. Therefore, we find it quite tough to aim appropriately because the gun will move back once it is fired. There will be pushback in the real world, and it will not be possible to modify the laws of physics by any means.

However, it is essential to remember that PUBG happens to be a game where we can change everything according to our wishes. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will discuss a PUBG mobile hacked version for iOS that doesn’t contain the recoil above mechanism. Consequently, you will be able to shoot ideally every time you try to do so. Although it is terrible for your rivals, it would be great for you! You need to follow the subsequent steps if you like to get hold of the hacked PUBG mobile version on your iOS device.

However, before checking out the required steps for downloading the hack on your iOS device, we have mentioned some essential features offered by this hack. So, that is not waste any time and look at the features right now:

How to hack PUBG mobile iOS: The features

• steady aim

• No need of reloading the guns

• Unlimited UC

• Aimbot

• No recoil of the gun

All these features mentioned above will be incorporated in the hack, which must be downloaded using the process stated below.

How to download PUBG mobile hack for iOS

Before going through the subsequent steps, we like to inform you that these steps are pretty straightforward and will not find them challenging to understand. All you need to do will be to stick to these steps, and that’s all! However, make sure not to skip any of these steps whatsoever.

1. At first, an app is known as “panda helper” has to be downloaded, which you will not find at the App Store. Just copy the following link for downloading the app, and it has to be pasted in the browser’s search bar. Otherwise, you can click on the link.

2. Following this, the “install now” button has to be clicked, green in colour. Next, you have to wait patiently for several seconds. A pop-up screen is going to appear in the middle after this. This will consist of a couple of options, namely, “Install” and “Cancel”. The “Install” option has to be clicked by the user.

3. After downloading the app entirely in your iOS gadget, you need to click Settings > General > Profiles and device management.

4. Following this, click the “Trust” option after clicking the developer name.

5. Next, you will come across the search bar after opening up the “Pandahelper”. You need to look for “PUBG”, and you will come across a couple of different hacked PUBG versions over there.

6. You need to download any of them and start playing and enjoying yourself!


You should now comprehend all the required steps that have to be followed for hacking PUBG mobile on iOS. Hopefully, you will not find any problem getting the job done by sticking to the abovementioned steps.

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