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Supernatural Mysteries Unveiled

Explore the extraordinary realm of supernatural forces, from cursed paintings to ghostly wheelchairs—these captivating mysteries will amaze and intrigue you! Often, the Amazing fact about Unexplained Phenomena is Explained.

Eleanor Wilde must put her psychic medium abilities to use when hired to investigate a murder at an ancestral English manor that’s said to be haunted – making this darkly humorous read both genre-bending and darkly comic!

The Crying Boy by Elenor Gill

The Crying Boy is an engaging tale of folklore, curses, and murder from the Great Merlini series. It features Merlini and Ross Harte investigating an unexplained killing on Skelton Island.

In 1985, The Sun newspaper ran an article detailing a curse attached to a painting depicting a child crying, inviting readers who owned copies to bring it in for burning at a bonfire. Dora Mann from Mitcham in Surrey stated that within six months after purchasing one, she experienced fire damage at her house and residences belonging to family members.

This novel from the author of The Witch City Mysteries is a thrilling and eerie thriller. It takes readers on an immersive supernatural journey with Lee Barrett as she uses urban legend and folklore to solve an unexplained series of deaths linked to an intriguing portrait. Readers who enjoy supernatural tales will surely love this thrilling and engaging read!

The Seeker by Amanda Stevens

This entry in Stevens’ series delivers more eerie action as Amelia searches for her killer, putting herself and others in grave danger. Dark secret societies, cults, and murder emerge to threaten Amelia as she attempts to control her powers. Stevens delivers another fantastic book, complete with beautiful descriptions and an intriguing mystery.

Amelia visits a rural cemetery to restore a gravestone, only to discover a circle of mortsafes (caged graves) containing bodies in one mortsafe and Detective Lucian Kendrick, who seems drawn to her somehow; both become attracted, though Amelia remains wary.

She must solve crimes to regain control of her life and stop the dark forces trying to bury her. This book offers plenty of supernatural thrills in its fast-paced narrative style and compelling characters. It is an ideal introduction to this series and an ideal choice for ghost story lovers.

The Girl Who Died by Ragnar Jonasson

Ragnar Jonasson’s suspenseful thriller, which dabbles with supernatural elements, will delight readers who enjoy Nordic crime tradition or prefer stories with supernatural elements. Set in an isolated village, its residents lead secretive lives that remain undisclosed from one another—this book takes readers on an intriguing and mysterious journey!

Una, a thirty-year-old teacher, takes up teaching in Skalar, on the edge of the world, despite knowing no one there. Soon thereafter, visions of an unknown girl begin to haunt Una’s sleep and daily life, though she cannot tell whether these are hauntings from beyond or hallucinations.

Jonasson excels at conjuring the cold atmosphere that pervades Skalar and will draw readers in with its chill. Una is an intriguing character with plenty of backstory, while other characters introduced by Jonasson have unique tales to tell as well. Furthermore, Jonasson weaves an account of murder and false conviction, which seemingly has no relation to Skalar, into her story as an added plot thread.

The Ghosts in the Graveyard by Amelia Gray

Amelia has left Charleston to undertake a cemetery restoration job in Asher Falls, NC, but soon finds herself beset by new and familiar problems.

At present, she remains connected to John Devlin, who his deceased wife and daughter are haunting. Additionally, an unseen presence keeps trying to grab her attention – something which John doesn’t acknowledge at first.

Amelia has also been hired to investigate a murder case that appears related to the Order of Coffin and Claw introduced in The Visitor. As she works in this eerie dying town, Amelia finds a graveyard under a reservoir and hears tales of coffin bells that ring at night.

Khristine Hvam once again delivers an outstanding narration for this haunting mystery series. She captures Amelia perfectly with her Southern accent, cadence, tone, and range of vibrant voices, which she uses to elicit emotion, making the audiobook truly enjoyable to listen to on its own!

The Otherworld by Eugenie Markham

Eugenie Markham is a powerful shaman who helps clients escape spirits from other realms into this one, but when one of her clients is murdered by something supernatural, she must investigate using only visual medium techniques as an investigative method.

This gripping novel will keep you on the edge of your seat with characters who are both relatable and captivating – perfect for anyone interested in paranormal mysteries incorporating folklore and urban legend elements.

Eugenie is the Thorn Queen, overseer of her kingdom both in the Otherworld and human realm – which can be an immense challenge! While trying to prevent its collapse and avoid the startling prophecy that foretells his firstborn will destroy humanity, Eugenie also must balance two relationships as she navigates between two men and an unusual friend (including an unexpected return of an old enemy with even more extraordinary powers), along with two powerful friends from other realms. When her old enemy returns and an even more dangerous power arises, Eugenie must fight to protect both her Iron Crown and herself! This exciting sequel provided a nail-biting finish to an already thrilling series!

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