Popular Characters For Birthday Parties

Children love seeing their favorite characters at parties, and costumed performers provide them with hours of amusement unlike anything else can. The Amazing fact about party characters.

Consider these popular birthday party characters for your child’s next celebration.

Elmo from Sesame Street is an engaging and amusing character for boys and girls who like laughing. Make DIY masks of Elmo’s Sesame Street friends like Bert and Big Bird as party favors for Elmo parties!


At birthday parties, when children encounter their favorite superheroes in person for the first time, their imaginations come to life! Young children become inspired to reenact thrilling scenarios and fight villains – young ones often gravitate toward action-packed adventure heroes such as Spiderman or Iron Man, while older ones gravitate more toward heroes like Wonder Woman or Black Panther that symbolize strength and resilience.

Superheroes make ideal party entertainers for children’s events, engaging kids in exciting activities such as photo shoots and face painting, leading group games or hosting contests, or providing party favors that make the occasion all the more memorable.

Rental superhero characters for children’s parties are available both online and at party stores, and costs vary based on location, length of stay, and activities they participate in – though more in-demand characters like those from recent movie releases may command higher prices than others.

When choosing the perfect cartoon character for your child’s party, choose one that reflects their interests and preferences. Girls tend to favor princesses, while boys love superheroes. Some kids may have an absolute favorite character like Mickey or Minnie Mouse, while most enjoy all kinds of different ones like Fortnight, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, and Baby Shark, which are popular options.


If your daughter dreams of being a princess, a princess birthday party may be just the ticket! Professional entertainers specialize in making this day truly magical for your little princess.

A professional princess performer knows precisely how to interact with children of all ages and can tailor her show specifically to each guest’s needs – for instance, some young guests might prefer storytime while others enjoy more active play such as games or other activities.

When hiring a princess for your child’s birthday party, ask about her experience and whether or not she has done parties before. Inquire as to which activities are included with each package, and then select one that suits the personality of your child best.

Belle This beauty stands out as being intelligent and passionate about books; she was also the first Disney princess with brown hair and hazel eyes – making her truly distinct!

Elsa This ice queen is kind and gracious; she knows it’s best to open up and share than keep others at bay.

Make sure your child’s favorite princess will be available on the day of her party – this way, no one is disappointed, including herself! Plus, when booking with Princess Parties by Heidi, you are helping provide another sick child in your community with their own magical experience!


Boys and girls of all ages love pirate characters for parties! Pirate characters embody adventure, action, and swashbuckling that will surely leave a lasting impression at their birthday parties. Rent pirate characters for kids for an unforgettable celebration theme at your child’s party.

Set the scene with pirate party decorations like skulls and crossbones, banners, and signs welcoming guests to your pirate-themed event. Dress your dining and buffet tables in red-and-white striped tablecloths adorned with Caribbean map bandanas available at Joann for an added splash of color and tropical map bandanas for added dimension. Add pirate toys like foam swords, eye patches, and parrots as party centerpieces; these charming pictures will become treasured keepsakes of your children for years. The photo booth provides your little buccaneers an opportunity to capture unforgettable pictures that they’ll cherish throughout their voyage of fun– capture your little buccaneers in a unique photo booth experience for years after!

If your child loves to pretend, make pirate-themed invitations in the shape of a treasure chest, complete with gold chocolate coins inside each invitation. Invite guests to dress like pirates – even let them create costumes themselves using props such as bandanas, eye patches, and felt hook hands!

Rent the characters from Disney and Pixar movies for an unforgettable birthday experience for your young ones. Woody from Toy Story makes an excellent option for boys, while Buzz Lightyear can help unleash girls’ inner space explorers.


Animal-themed birthday parties have become an increasingly popular trend for kids of all ages, providing both entertainment and educational value. Live animal shows provide children the chance to interact and touch these fascinating animals, creating lasting memories as well as providing photo opps for the birthday child!

Your Safari Guide can bring jungle-themed games for the kids as part of their experience, such as Hot Potato with a Monkey or Hide and Seek with Monkey, plus other animal-related games such as Blind Man’s Bluff.

Hire Scat Cat and the Alley Cats from 1970’s The Aristocats to add an extra musical element! Their jazz sound will get kids moving! Scat Cat can perform some songs for guests, take part in Hokey Pokey or Chicken Dance games and play games while keeping things entertaining for all involved!

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