Paulo Dybala

The Argentine football scene has long been synonymous with quality, particularly during the Messi era, which overshadowed many other attacking talents from the country. However, in the past decade, names like Paulo Dybala have shone brightly. Born in the small town of Laguna Larga on November 15, 1993, Dybala emerged as one of the brightest representatives of Argentine attacking prowess.

His initial foray into football took place near his hometown at Instituto AC. A standout season in 2011-2012, where he scored 17 goals in 40 games, attracted the attention of several European clubs. The persuasive offer came from Italian club Palermo, which invested an impressive $13 million to acquire Dybala’s talents—a move that proved pivotal for Paulo’s development, providing ample exposure in Italy. After three successful years with Palermo, especially the standout 2014-2015 season with 13 goals and 10 assists, Dybala made a significant move to Juventus for $45 million.

In the iconic black and white stripes of Juventus, Dybala transformed into a global football figure. He played a crucial role in the team’s pursuit of Champions League glory and Serie A dominance. Despite renewing his contract multiple times, his journey with Juventus came to an end in 2022 due to contractual disagreements. As a free agent, Dybala made a noteworthy move to AS Roma, adding a layer of talent and experience to the team.

Stats, records, and jersey number

At 28, Dybala boasts an impressive record, combining goal-scoring prowess with creative assists. With 144 goals and 64 assists in 403 career games, he earned a place in the Serie A symbolic squad for four seasons and clinched the MVP of the Italian Championship once. The only area where he hasn’t reached the same heights is his international career, having played 34 games and scored three times for the national team. By the way, if you are a sports bettor and would like to get a bonus code, go to and claim your first deposit bonus.

Personal life: girlfriend, net worth, and non-football activity

Despite being 28, Dybala has maintained a stable relationship with Argentinian model Oriana Sabatini. While the couple hasn’t tied the knot and there are no rumors of children, Dybala’s girlfriend has a net worth of approximately $2 million, a fraction of Dybala’s fortune, estimated at around $40 million.

Latest news and rumors

In the summer of 2022, Dybala’s contractual situation garnered considerable attention, with rumors circulating about his next club. Soccer predictions proved accurate, predicting his move to AS Roma. Since then, there has been no significant activity or rumors surrounding the Argentine attacker in sports outlets.

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