How To Pick From All The Vape Pens For Sale?

With vaping becoming more and more popular, the number of products in the market is booming at a significant rate.

Whether you’re new to the vaping scene and aren’t sure where to begin, or already use e-cigarettes and want to check other options, our handy guide to vape pens for sale is exactly what you need.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a popular form of e-cigarette, used by smokers, ex-smokers, and cannabis lovers around the world. They are slim, light and easy to carry, making them a popular alternative for e-cigarette users. Most vape pens are made up of a small, rechargeable battery unit, a heating element, and a tank known as an atomiser- into which you can put the e-liquid.

We are spoiled for choices when it comes to vape pens for sale in the UK. Yet, there are some subtle differences that you should know before buying a vape pen.

If You Want: A Beginner Vape Pen

Starting out on your vaping journey, you may not want to spend too much money initially.

Thankfully, there are some brilliant and low-cost vape pen starter kits out there which will set you up nicely, and provide you with the vape pen to get started.

For Thick Clouds

Some people like nothing more than big, sweet smelling clouds or plumes of vapours. Luckily, there are plenty of such vape pens for sale that you can get your hands on.

I’d say go for a specific Sub-Ohm model, which will help you get great flavour and big vapour clouds without doing any damage to your atomiser or heating element. Sub-Ohm vape pen starter kits should come with everything you need, including the Sub-Ohm e-liquid to get you going.

You can also buy additional accessories for your Sub-Ohm vape pens to customise them.

For Heavy Usage

In case you’re a frequent cannabis user, you can always go with a box mod vaporiser.

Box mods are the next generation of e-cigarettes, giving you control over everything from temperature to wattage and voltage, plus extended battery life, bigger tanks and better vapour.

CBD vape liquid

Many people decide that they want to use their device for vaping CBD. Why CBD? CBD is associated with delivering a number of therapeutic benefits, namely using CBD for anxiety in the UK.

So, once you’ve chosen the device you want to use then you can select the best CBD vape oil in the UK. The two most recommended types of vape oils are CBD pure extract oils and CBD e-liquids. These are specifically made for vaping so do not fill up your device with a CBD oil from a CBD tincture; these are for oral consumption only.

You can either go with high strength CBD vape oils (pure extract) or low-strength CBD e-liquids to vape cannabis here in the UK. High strength for those who want more effects with less vaping, and low strength for those who want to vape more lightly and regularly.

The route you choose will impact the type of device you use. A technologically advanced vape pen would also let you use either of the two vape juices by simply changing the voltage or temperature settings. So you wouldn’t have to switch between vaping devices regardless of the type of vape oil.

It would also come with useful features such as pre-heat function, automatic activation, 510 battery thread to make it compatible with most standard size cartridges. However, many of the other vape pens I’ve mentioned will only work with thinner CBD e liquids especially if you are required to fill a tank.

As you can see, modern vape pens offer many advantages over conventional vaporisers. Not only does it make your vaping experience pleasant, but also easy on the go.