How to Buy Furniture for Home

You can purchase furniture to express your style and add functionality to your space, but how do you know which piece will suit it best? Learn the best info about bamboo daybeds.

Before beginning shopping, be sure to have both your measurements and tape measure ready. It is also wise to compare prices and hunt for discounts.


Furnishing your home can be an enjoyable and fulfilling project, but selecting furniture that complements its space is paramount. Measure each room, taking into account things such as doorways and narrow staircases as well as any objects like fireplaces or windows that might hinder the placement of furniture pieces.

Also, keep the cost in mind. Comparing prices is vital when searching for furniture; shop around to compare offers and find the best value deals. Be sure to also research refund, cancellation, and damage policies prior to making a decision.

Furniture shopping used to mean making several trips back and forth from store to store; now, there are numerous online furniture stores where you can make one trip and buy furniture! We spoke with Devin Shaffer of Decorilla and Anais Chaumien of Brooklyn-based Design by Anais to gain their expert advice when searching online furniture stores for specific features to look out for when shopping for home decor online.


Furniture purchasing requires more of an in-person touch. While online stores like Design Within Reach provide access to high-quality pieces at reasonable prices, visiting showrooms is still recommended in order to assess quality before making your final choice.

If your style leans more toward modern boho, visit Serena & Lily for chic rattan chairs and bar carts that could come straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie. Apt2B offers contemporary picks at competitive prices.

Local furniture stores in NYC provide a more tailored shopping experience. Joybird makes made-to-order mid-century furniture that you can see first-hand at its Brooklyn store. Before purchasing anything from any store, check their refund/cancellation policy and customer reviews before making your decision—you may need to pay return shipping and restocking fees should your mind change after making your decision.


Furnishing your home can be thrilling and expensive, so it is crucial that you create and stick to a budget for any furniture purchases you plan on making to avoid overspending and save money in the long run.

While determining the style and aesthetic of your furniture is an excellent place to start, it’s also crucial to consider its functional use in a space. When remodeling your home, consider including furniture pieces with multiple functions that can switch easily from one function to the next; this will reduce the number of furniture pieces needed and provide more storage space.

With the rise of mobile commerce, more retailers are turning to furniture shopping apps to enhance their customers’ in-app experience. Leveraging 3D technology, these apps enable shoppers to view products within real-life contexts so they can make instantaneous purchasing decisions without leaving home.


One of the primary purposes of purchasing furniture is to feel more at home. Not only does furniture offer an opportunity to sit back and relax, but it can also fill up their house and make them feel cozy and warm.

However, finding the appropriate furniture can be a challenging endeavor with so many pieces available and so many considerations to take into account when making a selection. Thankfully, online furniture stores are offering high-quality items. These sites allow shoppers to browse without leaving home!

Etsy offers a wide selection of sofa styles and fabrics, along with customer reviews, to assist shoppers in selecting their ideal purchase. Plus, Etsy offers a 100-day return window if buyers are dissatisfied. La-Z-Boy also offers comfortable recliners and sofas.


When buying furniture for your home, you must consider its safety features—particularly if children or grandchildren will be using it. Make sure it won’t put them at risk from hazards like sharp edges.

Furniture brands typically follow safety standards when manufacturing their products, from structural stability and fire safety to chemical emissions testing programs that ensure no harmful substances remain present.

If you’re buying upholstered furniture, look for products labeled as fire retardant or flame resistant and avoid products treated with formaldehyde, which may lead to respiratory problems. Before making your purchase, constantly review return and refund policies; many stores post them online or request customer email addresses to notify them about sales and special promotions.


Every decision we make impacts the environment in some way, and selecting sustainable furniture can make a positive difference to both you and the planet. Made from nontoxic and natural materials such as recycled products to minimize waste, sustainable furniture also improves indoor air quality for healthier living for you and your family.

Conventional furniture may release toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polluting your indoor air with dangerous VOCs that can pollute and worsen respiratory and other health problems. Sustainable furniture typically employs natural materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood, along with low-VOC paints and finishes, to produce healthier options.

When purchasing environmentally friendly furniture, look for retailers and brands that prioritize sustainability. Room & Board, for instance, uses sustainably harvested wood from certified factories and provides a buy-back program for used pieces to reduce waste. They also recycle metals and work with local artisans to support local economies.