Here are four home-based businesses that may be launched for less than a hundred dollars.

Are you interested in starting a home-based business but worried that you don’t have the experience to make it in virtual assistance or business consulting? Almost any kind of service-based firm can be launched with minimal initial investment. The companies I describe here have little initial investment requirements and low operating costs. When I was short on cash, I used some of the models to make a fast buck.

1. Composing

Business, technical, academic, resume, and ghostwriting are all within your capabilities. Copywriting, newsletters, e-zines, and scholarly and business document layouts are all within my wheelhouse. Once, I collaborated with a writer for a workshop to design an entire program. We briefed her about the program we wanted to adapt into a seminar presentation, and she devised a fantastic presentation based on that material. A background in creating documents like presentations or training manuals could be an asset in this industry. Simple to boot. To bring in customers, place ads on Craigslist and use The average cost of a professionally organized lecture is between $2,000 and $5,000. Writing for web advertisers is another viable revenue stream. They will pay you very well if you write content for their blogs, websites, and article submission services. It’s simple to get started, and if you improve, you may move on to writing sales copy for websites and even books. Never be frightened to branch out; all you need is an understanding of how to promote your abilities. You won’t need any further training after your first few customers.

What you’ll require

This is a simple enterprise to launch. A guru account, website, professional email address, high-quality company brochures, and a portfolio of my previous work would be the foundation on which I would build my new venture.

Note: If you have any training manuals, paperwork, or writing samples from a previous workplace, you should spend a weekend updating them to match the demands of your current company. Working on the weekend is annoying but will pay off in the long run. Create a compelling sales letter/cover letter for prospective customers. Consistently, it results in a sale.

2. 2. Business That Outsources

As was previously said, you can outsource the management and scheduling of your employees and the general running of your organization to virtually any service-oriented company. Outsourcing is simple; you only need an idea (telemarketing, virtual assistant work, web design, concierge service, errand running, bookkeeping, notary, etc.). If a client needs your services for 20 hours, you might charge $300. Then, you can pay your assistant $10 per hour to complete the task for $100. You can ease into business by hiring an extra person to help out and charging them less, and then gradually raise both your rates and the number of employees as your company expands. The potential outcomes are vast and exciting. Use reputable contractors always, and remember that little successes can lead to larger ones. In my book, “Stop Making Your Boss Rich!”, I go into greater depth on the operation of such a business and the resources need to launch one.

Thirdly, Vehicle Auctions

When I’m in a pinch for cash, I hit up the nearest car auction. Some excellent automobiles can be purchased for less than $1,000 and even less than $500 and then resold for four times as much. This is a fantastic approach to start making money immediately. If you sell the car within 30 days, you likely won’t need to transfer the title into your name (though this varies by state). The paperwork is easily transferred to the new owner. Invest in popular models of automobiles. From my observations, sports cars, minivans, SUVs, and Hondas are the most popular vehicles. Never be afraid to take baby steps and reinvest your profits.

I’ve used as little as $300 to buy a primary automobile, sold it for $1,000, and used the proceeds to buy two additional cars or one extremely excellent car, which I then sold. The trick is to act quickly and profitably without artificially inflating prices. Never forget to mention that you obtained the vehicle through an auction. It’s a plus if you can accept PayPal when selling on Craigslist. Selling a car on Craigslist is an excellent option. If you master the art of buying cars, you may turn it into a lucrative business that helps people with modest incomes or terrible credit acquire cars without financing.

Take your automobile fleet as an example: if you have five vehicles costing you less than $2,000, you have a fleet. You find an inexpensive plot of land or utilize your residence as a car storage facility. You put out flyers proclaiming your no-financing automobile sales. You’ve marked the automobile up 100% to $3,000 when the buyer comes to pick it up. You advertise the car for sale with a 50% down payment and weekly or monthly payments to cover the remaining balance (with interest, of course; interest rates vary by state). You have recovered your initial capital and are receiving sizable interest-bearing payments. Because of your assistance, the customer can buy a car that would have been out of their price range otherwise, and you can increase your income.

Among other things, it’s essential to be familiar with the regulations in your state regarding selling motor vehicles. If you plan on operating a no-finance business that provides services like trip permits, etc., you may need to obtain a specialized license from your state and register the vehicles. Make sure you have the number of a reliable tow truck service or repo man handy, too. Ensure you have a solid contract specifying quick vehicle repossession for payment default. If they don’t pay, you get the automobile back and can try to sell it again with a down payment of at least half.

Sales of Storage Space

It is not well known that most storage facilities auction off units whose tenants have fallen behind on their payments once a month. Did you know that they only mark up the price by one-third? Someone I know had all their belongings, including their furniture, TVs, DVD players, and gaming systems, stored in one of these units. There was more than $5,000 worth of equipment in there. How much did it go for, if you know? A whopping $190!! How shocking is that to you?

Another person I know acquired a storage unit full of Mary Kay products for fifty dollars then sold it all to one person for two thousand. Therefore, it is possible to earn a substantial living through storage auctions.

Get your feet wet by checking out some local auctions. There’s no rush to make a purchase. Observation alone reveals the operation’s logic. Remember that you must remove all of your purchases from the store. Do the decent thing and bring personal belongings to the office, but you should not try to contact the person whose items were in there; they may be hostile. They frequently try to track down the evicted individual to provide them with evidence (photos, etc.). In addition, if you reside in a city like New York or Los Angeles or even near your state capital, you may have access to high-end storage facilities, such as PODs. You may have just hit the jackpot if you find yourself in one of these locations. Due to the current economic downturn, you may be able to start a rent-to-own business with items you purchase for a fraction of their original cost.

These quick and simple business ideas can bring in a lot of money. Always seek the advice of a qualified expert in tax law and the like, and prudently reinvest your earnings until you have established a reliable revenue stream.

Stacey Wockenfuss is an accomplished online marketer, virtual assistant, and business coach who assists others in launching successful businesses and working from home. Visit to find out how you can launch a successful online enterprise.

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