Get Your Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

Get Your Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

By: Daniel Lieber

Conclusion: High Recommendation

(Note: Eureka Ergonomic sent me this gaming desk for review sometime near the end of 2021, but I’m just getting to reviewing it now. The company had no input in what I had to say about it.) 

The Damage: $313.99

The Inches: 43” W, 24” D, 31” H

Lit Things:

Uh, the lit RGB lighting, for one. A broad range of RGB bells and whistles, including app control capabilities and extensive color & pattern features

Firm tempered glass surface. Don’t let the glass fool you. You won’t be hurting this guy anytime soon; it can take a beating

The controller stand (which also serves as a disc case stand) includes 4 USB ports for easy accessibility if you need to charge one or more of your electronic devices

The dual headset hook and cupholder are reversible/ interchangeable (great for righties and southpaws!)

Ultra-strong cold-rolled steel carbon frame—this isn’t one of those gaming desks that’s going to fall apart on you as soon as you open the box

Intentionally more compact size to allow it to fit into those tighter spaces, which (shrewdly, in my opinion) demonstrates that it took into consideration people who may have trouble finding the room for a gaming desk

Things That Are a Little Less Lit:

The RGB light controlling app has a couple of bugs, and its interface takes a minute to get used to

Similarly, the RGB desk control box can be a bit fussy; there have been a couple of reports of the light buttons not corresponding with the correct colors

Instruction manuals (text and illustrations) are occasionally misleading, but who isn’t these days? It’s been a common frustration for me regardless of the company whose desk I’ve been asked to consider for review.

Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

I’ve been going through a computer gaming desk overload since around the middle of last year, with as many desks coming in for review as there’ve been gaming desk companies cropping up across the gaming landscape. As a result, we’re seeing variety on the market and diversity in gamers’ tastes. Some people like their gaming desks or gaming setups simple, barebones. Others gravitate toward presentation, drama, suspense, and pageantry. Other people meet in the middle.

There’ll be something for most gamers with the GTG I43 RGB Gaming Desk.

Its more compact size lets it insinuate itself into a variety of situations. In tight spaces, its 43”-length across makes sure you’ll find a way to set up your GTG without disrupting your room layout. The sturdy build and smooth, protected surfaces also significantly lower the risk of scuffing the wall or surrounding furniture.

Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

But that’s not what you came here for. You came here for the LIGHTS. It’s great not to disappoint—the GTG I43 RGB Gaming Desk possesses the most comprehensive RGB lighting functions I’ve reviewed yet. It’s got app control capabilities, with a Bluetooth connection good for as far as 65 feet. Besides offering the full spectrum of color to choose from and brightness-disability adjustment, it also gets wild with music-syncing capabilities, 5 dynamic non-music effects, and speed adjustment for your patterns. I feel like I’m the conductor of some cyberpunk electric orchestra just when I sit down to log on. The only drawback is that the controls (app and device) occasionally act up.

Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

A robust tempered glass desktop indicates the good overall quality of materials, but it also just looks tight as hell. Glossy, reflective. Can shoot lights out of it. Also, naturally scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant. Come on.

Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

The frame, by the way, is sustainably manufactured from cold-rolled carbon steel and, for even more security, is fastened with F1 balancing levers so that your gaming desk never wavers out of position. Oh, that reminds me—adjustable leveling feet. Suitable for carpets, hardwood, and linoleum floors. I will keep the desk flush with the floor while not scuffing it. The GTG I43 RGB Gaming Desk supports up to 200 pounds of weight, by the way.

Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

For garnish: a dual headset hook and cupholder are interchangeable (because why not?). For anyone a little fussy about whether they have to reach rightward or leftward for their headphones or beverage (adult or otherwise, likewise, remains up to the enjoyer). Then there’s the controller stand, which doubles as a place to stack a few disc cases and—checks notes—charge your phone? Your eyes do not deceive you—this “controller stand” comes with 4 USB charging ports. It sounds like more than a controller stand to me, but who am I to say.

Gaming Desk Lit with the GTG-I43 from Eureka Ergonomic

The GTG I43 RGB Gaming Desk is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a beacon of entertainment and comfort that you can set anywhere in your house. But again—who am I to say?

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