Finding the Best Demolition in Houston

Demolition Houston, TX companies can assist with both small-scale shed demolition as well as complete house demolition without risking injury or accident to occupants of either structure. With access to cutting-edge tools and devices required for safe disassembly, residential Demolition Houston, TX, services provide a valuable service that ensures all structures can be disassembled safely without harm or accidents occurring during dismantling processes. Select the Demolition Houston.

Alloy Group is a demolition contractor offering asbestos and mold abatement, lead remediation, industrial demolition services, crane rental, and metal recycling solutions.

Dirtwirx Inc.

This company provides demolition services for both residential and commercial properties, with highly trained professionals offering quick estimates turnaround. In addition, this business specializes in land clearing, tree removal, hydro mulching, rough/final grading, stump grinding, and culvert installation for both homeowners and general contractors alike using equipment like bulldozers and excavators.

Spring, TX-based Spring Concrete Removal LLC boasts more than 15 years of experience in its field and boasts comprehensive insurance and bonding for its staff members, along with free quotes. They have expertise in building or house demolition, concrete removal, yard cleanup/fill-in/demolition projects, pool removal/demolition as well as garage demolition.

Houston’s salvage yard is a full-service facility offering contract management, pre-project design and budgeting, contractor review, on-site project management, equipment rigging, and industrial demolition services. In addition, environmental management, equipment disposal/recycling/reusing programs, and metal processing/scrap purchasing programs are also offered here. Employees at this Houston salvage yard have been trained to meet OSHA/EPA standards while helping clients obtain permits as well as provide emergency storm services if required.

Midwest Steel Co.

If you’re seeking demolition contractors, there are various paths available to you, from working for a parent company that will offer regular contracts while taking a cut of profits to becoming an independent contractor, allowing bids on individual projects that could yield higher profits, whether working within either of these frameworks requires developing strong client relations as well as providing quality service. No matter which path is taken, a positive working relationship must be built.

This company provides a broad array of services, from plant dismantling and demolition to selling used process equipment. Their extensive inventory includes air fin heat exchangers, cylinders, compressors, blowers, generators, columns, gearboxes, heaters, pumps, steam turbines, as well as other items.

This company provides demolition, asbestos and lead abatement, hazardous waste management and remediation, demolition debris cleanup, interior strip outs, structural demolition, and selective demolition services that meet or exceed OSHA and EPA standards. Licensed and insured personnel operate this operation.

This demolition contractor specializes in commercial and industrial properties. They offer free estimates, work quickly, safely, and efficiently, and use specialized equipment that allows them to complete jobs of any size efficiently and safely. Furthermore, they have excavation services available and recycle metal. In addition, they are members of the Houston Area Safety Council as well as having been certified confined space certified – they also hold an A+ BBB rating rating.

Llewellyn’s Construction

No matter whether you are building your ideal home from scratch or renovating an existing one, finding an experienced demolition company is essential to success. Finding a safe and fast contractor who will leave your property looking amazing while taking care of waste is paramount – choose wisely!

This company specializes in commercial and residential demolition, industrial dismantling, environmental services, permitting assistance, hazardous waste management/disposal/reduction, and asbestos/lead abatement services. Their experienced team has all of the equipment needed to handle projects large or small – they even assist with permitting processes! Furthermore, asbestos/lead abatement services can also be provided as required.

Llewellyn’s Construction has been serving Magnolia, Conroe, and Huntsville for over 20 years, offering comprehensive land work and dirt work services such as bulldozer service, excavation services, site preparation services for house pads and retention/detention ponds, site prep/house pad preparation as well as retention/detention pond installation/upgrade; demolition removal including concrete removal.

As a licensed contractor in Texas, they are both bonded and insured with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. You can easily verify their license at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website; however, it should be remembered that not all contractors need to be licensed – only certain types (i.e., HVAC/electrical) must obtain one in Texas.

Cherry Companies

The demolition and construction industry generates vast quantities of debris, such as concrete, metal, and shingles. How these materials are disposed of determines whether they wind up in landfills or recycling centers where they may be used to make new products or even sold for reuse in other projects – it is, therefore, imperative to select a reputable company that handles waste responsibly.

Cherry Companies in Houston, Texas, is well known for its environmentally friendly operations and recycling of over two million tons of concrete and asphalt annually, in addition to thousands of tons of steel. Recycled aggregates from this operation are used in road and highway projects, while recycled steel ends up as new metal products for many different industries. Services provided by Cherry include demolition, concrete crushing, and production of stabilized material.

This company operates 12 locations within Houston’s greater metro region, some dedicated solely to concrete crushing while others produce stabilized material. Each site is fully equipped with crushers, screens, pugmills, and loaders.

Established in 1952, this company provides clients in Houston and throughout Texas with exceptional service. Their employees have extensive knowledge and experience within the industry; plus, they boast an excellent safety record as members of the American Rental Association as well as adhering to all local regulations.

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