Discover the Artistic Soul of Barcelona on a Guided Tour

Barcelona may be known for its balmy climate, but inside is a rich tapestry of art and history – discover this vibrant city by taking a guided tour! Obtain the Best information about expos in Barcelona.

At Galeria Joan Prats, stirring pieces vie with experimental choices for attention in this pioneering gallery that helps bring emerging artists into Barcelona’s limelight.

Can Framis Museum

Can Framis Museum is owned and operated by Fundacio Vila Casas. Opened in April 2009, its permanent collection boasts more than 250 paintings from various pictorial movements since 1960. Careful consideration has been taken when curating this exhibition to provide visitors with a historical overview of Catalan contemporary art.

This 58,857-square-foot museum can be found in the 22@ district, once an industrial area that has since been transformed into a tech corridor. Designed by Jordi Badia and his team at BAAS architectural practice, this 58.857-square-foot structure was assembled using existing stone and brick factory buildings restored and connected with an exposed concrete wing through restored facades; surrounding the entire complex are gardens filled with trees and ivy that offer an oasis of calm within this bustling neighborhood of high rises.

The museum celebrates Barcelona’s rich cultural identity through exhibitions that offer insight into Barcelona’s industrial past and artistic present and showcase Catalonia’s innovative artistic landscape.

On five Saturdays each year, the museum offers unique dynamic visits for families to explore emotions triggered by exhibitions and provide hands-on activities that engage young visitors while stimulating their imaginations.

Fundacio Antoni Tapies

Fundacio Antoni Tapies is the place for those interested in modern and industrial art. It offers one of the largest collections of Tapies’ work. Exhibits show his transition from painting to sculpture and his development of materials and styles over his career span.

Antoni Tapies began his artistic journey during the turbulent Spanish Civil War, and its effects can be seen throughout his work. His desire to explore human existence led to “matter painting,” drawing influence from Arte Povera and Eastern philosophy. He also worked with unconventional materials like marble dust or string, which gave his works their alluring tactile quality.

Fundacio Antoni Tapies is housed in a building designed by Lluis Domenech i Montaner, an early innovator of modernism architecture. The exterior features tiles as a sustainable material; Serge Attukwei Clottey’s Beyond the Skin installation prompts visitors to reflect upon environmentalist issues as well as our current economic model, with local immigrant communities contributing perspectives; while inside, you’ll see Cloud and Chair, which features a chair suspended from swirling metal “clouds” suspended above it on the roof.

El Rincon Secreto

El Rincon Secreto (also known as Lucky and Ines House) is one of the most photogenic and beloved landmarks in Barcelona. Designed by architect Antoni Gaudi as part of his modernist vision, its incredible forms and oriental elements enchant visitors. Although this attraction does not fall within a tour itinerary for Barcelona as such, you can visit it via its location within the Ribera district.

Lucia sought to capture some of Barcelona’s lesser-known but significant stories when visiting Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. So she headed towards less-explored Barrio Gotico and explored its narrow streets and longboats lining its perimeters, finding dramatic yet mysterious corners along a route between local market stalls and bohemian boutiques – ultimately coming to realize that art in Barcelona encompassed far more than simply gallery displays from established artists.

Gracia District

Gracia’s narrow streets teem with art galleries, boutique shops, and trendy cafes. Once an independent village itself, this area now offers an escape from tourist hotspots like La Rambla. Here, Gaudi’s early project, neo-Moorish Casa Vicens, stands as an early landmark defining the character of Gracia as well as street art that adds color.

Can Framis be a gallery that celebrates Barcelona’s creative spirit through pieces that line its walls from floor to ceiling, providing an artistic showcase? Here, the past and present meet in an artistic dialogue.

Take a stroll along Carrer Verdi to experience rustic Catalan taverns and chic international restaurants side-by-side. Stop into Cine Verdi cinema for an eclectic film selection–it hosts everything from Hollywood blockbusters to Spanish arthouse films!

Gracia is an authentic village within a city. It is home to some of Barcelona’s high-end fashion brands and hotels, as well as numerous luxurious hotels. But beyond all this opulence lies an exciting underbelly that rivals any in Barcelona: vibrant bars and restaurants, lively squares, an energetic young-at-heart community unmatched anywhere else, no Starbucks in sight, and more authentic street art than seen anywhere in New York’s Fifth Avenue or Los Angeles Rodeo Drive!