Digital Marketing Essentials

Understanding digital marketing strategies and tactics is paramount to succeeding in today’s fiercely competitive environment, so this comprehensive guide demystifies them with expert insight and practical advice. Check out the Best info about Gigmom.

Keep up with digital marketing trends with Jeff Larson and Stuart Draper’s textbook of digital marketing trends, complete with 14+ hours of prerecorded video lectures to engage students while connecting theory to application!

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Understanding digital marketing is vital to any business’s success. This comprehensive guide simplifies this complex discipline, offering expert advice and practical strategies from marketers of every experience level.

Discover the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing to create campaigns that drive results. The Fifth Edition of this popular courseware features all of the most cutting-edge tools and techniques, ranging from SEO and social media to email and content marketing. In-depth case studies, real-world examples, and expanded coverage help students put theory into action.

Students gain insight into search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing to understand how these tactics can work together or individually to meet a business’s goals. Furthermore, this eBook comes paired with a virtual simulation, Stukent Simternship, giving students hands-on experience managing a real digital marketing campaign through search, display, and shopping ads to consolidate concepts learned in class. Get in touch with one of our course consultants now about bringing Stukent Simternship into your classroom!


Digital marketing can seem like an intricate web of strategies and tactics. Stukent ISBN is here to unravel this tangle, demystifying digital marketing’s mysterious world and offering clear explanations of key concepts – so learners can put theory into practice more efficiently to achieve their digital marketing goals.

This digital marketing textbook focuses on SEO and teaches you how to leverage organic, paid, and social traffic to meet your business marketing goals. It also covers the fundamentals of online advertising as a vehicle for driving conversions.

Written by a Wharton graduate and internet marketing agency owner, this book offers valuable insights and practical advice for mastering the digital marketing landscape. With its comprehensive coverage of fundamental digital marketing concepts, students and professionals can stay ahead of trends in this fast-paced field. For anyone serious about digital marketing careers, this textbook should be essential – its companion website features 14+ hours of video lectures to keep readers engaged and deepen understanding.


Online marketing is an ever-evolving field that demands a firm grasp of its fundamentals. Written by an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University—Idaho and founder of a digital marketing agency, this textbook will keep readers abreast of current strategies. Read the Best info about High Authority Backlinks.

Students will also have access to engaging and entertaining video lectures demonstrating real-world examples designed to bridge the gap between theory and application and equip them for successful digital marketing campaigns.

Stukent ISBN is here to make the complexities of digital marketing accessible, demystifying its complexities while offering clear explanations that make vital concepts easily understandable. From content marketing and email campaigns, this guide unveils strategies that drive results – offering expert insight and practical advice so marketers at any level can thrive in today’s competitive landscape. If you want to learn how to improve PPC strategies or maximize returns on investments, this book is your one-stop solution!

Social Media Marketing

This comprehensive resource will assist in navigating the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing. Covering everything from SEO strategies to social media campaigns, this guide demystifies their intricate workings so that you can develop effective plans that yield results.

Written by an internet marketing professor, this textbook keeps up with the ever-evolving industry. It teaches students the fundamentals of online marketing through hands-on examples, real-world applications, and practical advice—even offering a FREE digital marketing certification they can use on their resume or LinkedIn profile to demonstrate understanding and ability in this field.

No matter where you stand in your digital marketing journey, this guide offers the tools and insight you need to master digital marketing and meet your goals. Covering everything from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising (PPC), this invaluable resource allows you to bridge theory with practice, gain skills and knowledge for digital success, and drive success in today’s ever-evolving landscape. Stukent ISBN offers expert guidance with this vital digital marketing resource! Learn the best info about High Authority Backlinks.

Content Marketing

Digital marketing is a dynamic field, and to succeed at it requires an in-depth knowledge of its fundamentals. From market analysis to campaign optimization, this guide offers invaluable insights and practical tips that will help you reach success with digital marketing.

No matter the level of expertise, this comprehensive resource demystifies digital marketing by offering clear explanations and expert advice. Packed with practical examples and hands-on exercises, this book equips readers with all of the knowledge required to design campaigns that deliver results.

This textbook includes 14 chapters covering search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, and landing page optimization. Each chapter includes real-world examples to keep students engaged and demonstrate theory with practice.

This text also includes video lectures featuring Jeff Larson, an expert internet marketer with a Ph.D. from Wharton who owns an internet marketing agency. These audio- and visual-style videos will help your students learn optimally; these lectures may be used as standalone resources or combined with Digital Marketing Essentials courseware and Mimic Pro Simulation simulation.

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