Demolition Man Cast Review

Demolition Man is the ultimate action comedy that marries significant budget action with clever humor. Stallone gave one of his finest performances during the dumb ’90s action flick era, while Wesley Snipes brought comic relief as Simon Phoenix. The best guide to finding Main Street Demolition of Tucson.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone leads Demolition Man, and he excels in this vital role. Though known for playing tough-guy roles like Rambo and Rocky, Stallone also displays excellent comedic abilities, which he uses here to subvert some of the film’s cliches – such as Spartan being asked to knit Huxley a sweater! For instance.

Director Marco Brambilla and his writing team make fun of many cultural norms, too, in this future setting: radio and TV commercial jingles are considered art; profanity results in fines; meat and alcohol are illegal. Although it falls short in many regards, The Watchers is nevertheless still an enjoyable sci-fi action comedy film.

Wesley Snipes makes for an impressive villain in Simon Phoenix, yet screenwriters leave him offscreen for long stretches to allow Stallone more opportunities to prove his superiority in this bizarre future. Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary provide strong supporting performances; Leary, in particular, provided some laughs with his motor-mouthed rants as one of Phoenix’s unfrozen henchmen. Former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura made an early death on Phoenix’s order as Raymond Cocteau, later going on to appear as himself in films such as Major League II and briefly appearing as an Arkham Asylum guard in Batman & Robin.

Wesley Snipes

At the time of its release, Wesley Snipes was an emerging star, but his performance as John Spartan is among his most captivating and compelling. Snipes is masterfully able to convey how brutal and inhumane John Spartan really is – his work stands as a testament to why many consider him one of our most revered actors today.

The supportive cast also makes this film an instant classic: in addition to Stallone and Snipes, Christopher Walken, Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, and Theresa Randle are featured among them. It tackles race relations as well as how criminal enterprise impacts families; Spike Lee utilized his directorial talents and cemented himself as an accomplished actor through this movie.

Sandra Bullock wasn’t yet the superstar she is today when this film came out, yet her performance as San Angeles police officer Lena Huxley stands out. Reportedly chosen after Lori Petty turned it down, Bullock is both as strong and confident as Huxley, also keeping up in gunfights throughout the movie.

Benjamin Bratt delivers an outstanding performance as Alfredo Garcia, the city’s top cop. Though initially taken aback when hearing of Simon Phoenix’s “MurderDeathKills” campaign against mobster groups, Alfredo quickly rises to meet this challenge head-on and starts going after them himself.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock made waves in Hollywood with her earnest charm, but Demolition Man truly catapulted her to superstardom. Her bubbly on-screen charisma was ideally suited to playing Lieutenant Lenina Huxley from LAPD, who teamed with Spartan to take down Simon Phoenix.

Sylvester Stallone plays John Spartan, a police officer who captures criminal mastermind Simon Phoenix and freezes him cryogenically before keeping an eye out for any attempts at escape later on by him or any of his accomplices. Marco Brambilla directed this futuristic action thriller, which also stars Wesley Snipes.

Though this film may not have received as much critical acclaim as some of its peers, it remains an enjoyable ride. While its plot may be simple and its characters relatable, its captivating action scenes will delight fans of ’90s action movies.

The film’s theme song was an updated remix of Sting’s “Demolition Man,” originally recorded by Grace Jones in 1981 and first performed live by Stallone at an outdoor concert that year. A music video for it was shot at Pacific Design Center in downtown Los Angeles; inspired by Lethal Weapon, director Marco Brambilla wanted to achieve similar styles of filmmaking as seen on Lethal Weapon – featuring Stallone, Snipes, and Bullock as central actors in an action thriller film.

John Travolta

Demolition Man is an outstanding 90’s action movie featuring an excellent cast (Denis Leary, Benjamin Bratt, and Nigel Hawthorne); John Travolta and Sandra Bullock are the stars. While not quite as memorable as its predecessor, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man remains entertaining from start to finish and should definitely be added to your viewing list if you enjoy this genre.

Stallone has made his mark as a master of playing tough guys, but Demolition Man also shows him as comical. John Spartan pokes gentle fun at his old-school meathead image while remaining amusing; his disbelief at having to knit Huxley a sweater was wildly entertaining.

Bullock shines as SAPD officer Lenina Huxley with her charming on-screen presence. Though her performance occasionally falters in more dramatic scenes, Bullock remains captivating overall.

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