5 Trending Marijuana Strains to Enhance Creativity & Imagination 

Having a clear mind is necessary for boosting creativity and imagination; hence you need various strategies to deal with the conditions. There are multiple strategies for increasing your creativity, and one of them is the use of marijuana strains. These strains have various traits and chemical elements ideal for boosting mental clarity, imagination, and performance, making them suitable for those with strenuous jobs that require creativity. 

Many strains can help you deal with imagination and creativity; hence you need to consider factors such as potency to get the best quality strains. Here are some of the most potent marijuana strains to boost creativity and imagination. 


  1. Black diamond strain 

The strain is attractive due to its scent, flavors, and effects on the body. It has some hallucinogenic effects; hence you need to use it in low dosages to avoid extreme effects. Once you take it, it triggers relaxation and boosts mental energy due to the 80% indica concentration. You should only use it during the day because of the 21% THC concentration that can easily lead to the high effects.  

If you struggle with insomnia and its effects, the black diamond og seeds will help you solve the situation hence boosting your imagination and creativity. The strain boasts quality sleep enabling your brain and body to relax fully; therefore, you wake up with new energy needed for morning tasks.  

The strain can also help you deal with the need for relaxation and happiness. Once you take it, you begin feeling uplifted, motivated, and focused on the project or task you are working on. It also eliminates the feelings of stress, pain, and depression that can inhibit your imagination. 


  1. Purple haze 

This strain is a blend of Purple Thai and Haze, and it contains 85% Sativa and 15% indica, making it one of the best strains for increasing body energy and enhancing creativity. This strain has been in the market for a while since 1967 when Jimi Hendrix invented and named it after a popular classic rock. It is attractive because of the sweet and earthy flavor with an appealing tart and fruity taste. 

Once you take the strain, you will begin experiencing mind-high feeling effects followed by mental energy and a feeling of positivity. It is ideal for boosting imagination and creativity by removing the distractors that can hinder you from being creative. It deals with the pain, aches, and need for relief and relaxation, leaving you to focus only on what you are doing. It also enhances brain clarity enabling you to focus clearly and eliminate mental fatigue, slowing productivity.  

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  1. Durban Poison Strain 

You should use this strain during the day because the THC contents range from 15 to 25%, instantly triggering the high effects. The strain is available in different flavors such as lemon, mint, earthy, and piney, all with sweet fragrances, making it attractive for many.  

If you are craving endless imagination, this is the strain to try. After consuming it, you will likely feel increased attention levels, lively, joyful, and stress-free. These feelings eliminate all the imagination and creativity inhibitors. Besides creativity, you get extreme motivation to get through strenuous activities, improving your performance, especially if you have a competitive job and also go through CBD blog.  

Sometimes, negative energy can also affect your creativity; this strain will likely help you through your challenge. It eliminates all the negative energy that distracts your brain, improving your cognitive personality and performance. It also expands your perspective when working on a couple of ideas, making it a suitable strain for working on a project or as a team leader.  

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  1. Jack Herer Strain 

Most people think CBD and marijuana is purely meant for fun and entertainment; however, many aren’t aware of the impact of the strains on creativity and imagination. Jack Herrer is one of the best strains for dealing with these. It can also boost mental awareness, focus, and performance.   

It can also help with various conditions such as pains and general body tiredness, affecting your productivity. This strain is a crossbreed of northern lights and Shiva Skunk cross, generating earthy, piney, and sweet flavors. The strain has a 45% indica and 55% Sativa with a THC concentration ranging between 15 to 25 % making it ideal for use during the day and dealing with conditions such as low energy disarray. 

It can help with insomnia to wake up with a refreshed mind and fresh energy to attend to challenging tasks that require critical thinking and high productivity. It can also resolve emotional pain and boost your mental performance. 

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  1. Lemon Cake 

If you are a team leader or working on a critical project but facing specific creativity inhibitors, this is the best strain to boost your imagination. You need this strain only in smaller quantities to lift your mood and body energy. It can eliminate anxiety, grogginess, and mental clutter that can affect your mental health and hinder your imagination.  

Those suffering from stress, fatigue, and depression can rely on it to eliminate these conditions and boost mental performance. The strain has a 21% THC concentration and can cause potential high effects, especially if you overdose.  


Marijuana strains are suitable for dealing with various conditions, and most are ideal for boosting creativity and imagination. The strains have different chemical elements that make them ideal for dealing with pain, fatigue, and insomnia that can affect your mental performance. The chemical elements are also suitable for boosting mental energy, productivity, and creativity.